2007 Macalester College Archaeological Ethics Seminar Essay Competition

At Macalester College’s (Saint Paul, Minnesota) Archaeological Ethics Seminar, SAFE sponsored an essay contest in Fall 2007. Three finalists were chosen from the array of well-written entries:

Barbara BetzAn exploration of what community archaeology is and why it is necessary is available in Barbara Betz’s article “Putting the past to use: A plea for community archaeology”


Nora CrumptonNora Crumpton’s article, “Cultural property law theory and United States v. Schultz”, explains how a 2002 conviction for illegally importing and selling looted Egyptian artifacts drew tremendous public attention to the illicit antiquities trade.




Francesca Haack“Archaeological ethics and the Roman metro line C”, by Francesca Haack, discusses the ethical considerations behind a project in which workers continually chance upon archaeological material during the building of the third line of Rome’s subway.