2004 Recruitment Poster Competition

SAFE is proud to present the winners of our first Student Recruitment Poster Competition. We extend our congratulations to the winners, and heartfelt gratitude to our judges, who took time out of their busy schedules to help us with the selection. Last but not least, thank you to all the entrants who came from as far away as Romania and Serbia-Montenegro and across the United States. By participating in our global effort, you have done something concrete about a problem that affects us all. That makes all of you winners.

Wanda Hutira SAFE Poster “Unfortunately, I think that by now not only the head, but the whole statue is gone. At the time I took the picture, there were some diggings, and now they have started to build something…” First prize: Wanda Huitra

Wanda HutiraFirst-prize winner Wanda Hutira, recipient of the $250 award
Universitatea de Arte si Designe Cluj-Napoca, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

“l was born on 11th January 1985 in Baia Mare (northen part of Romania, in the Carpathian mountains), finished the High School of Arts in Baia Mare(2003) and now study at the University of Fine Arts in Cluj-Napoca. There I study photography, but lately I have started some design and desktop publishing. I look forward to attending the university specializing in history/art history in the next years (I love art history). The SAFE contest appealed to my combined interest in graphic design and history.”

The first fine art department in Romania was founded in Cluj-Napoca in 1990. The curriculums of art institutions from Canada, the United States, France and Hungary were analyzed and consulted, and accomplished professionals were recruited into the faculty.


John Hill SAFE Poster “My concept for this design came about straightaway. I thought about what most people associate with stop or stopping. So I went with a stop sign and the word ‘SAFE’ in place of the ‘stop’. At that point it was just a matter of color matching and getting the information in a straight forward manner.” Second prize: John Hill, Jr.

Second-prize winner John Hill, Jr.
Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, Mass., USA

“I am a 23 (Dec. 25 1980) year old sophmore-junior and I am a Graphic Design Concentration. What drew me initially to SAFE’s competition was my Professor, Maya Drozdz. She found the competition and then had her Graphic Design class design a flyer and a postcard. At which point, we, as individuals, had the choice to enter the contest on our own.

Montserrat College of Art is a small school, generally of around 400-500 students total. All of the Professors are working artists in thier specific fields, be that sculpture or design. Located in quiet Beverly, MA, home of Americas first naval base, Montserrat students, faculty and the town together share a peaceful, embracing existence.”


Alison BarnesThird-prize winner Alison Barnes
Montclair State University, New Jersey, USA

“My name is Alison Barnes and I am from Wenonah, New Jersey, although currently I attend and live at Montclair State University in Upper Montclair, NJ. I am studying for my B.A. in Studio Fine Arts and an Anthropology minor. I am 20 years old. I also love music, especially classic rock and being outdoors.

Keep the connection alive “Anthropology and archaeology help keep culture alive AND increase the ‘value’ of the artifacts. That is what I meant by the phrase, “Help Keep The Connection Alive,”…help keep those beautiful minds and traditions alive by saving what they left for us, whether they are solid artifacts, written words, etc.” Third prize: Alison Barnes

I first heard about the SAFE competition from a teacher in the Classics Department at MSU, Senta German. She presented the information at one of the Anthropology Club meetings that I help host on campus. I was immediately intrigued by the idea that I could actually use my love for art to help support and promote an organization whose main purpose was to preserve and save, not destroy and pollute. That this might actually be a way for me to use my art to make a positive difference in the world was something I always dreamed about, but was struggling with how to begin.

I love Montclair State University. Not only have I met the most wonderful and interesting people here, I love the fact that the campus is so very diverse culturally. Anthropology Club is trying to work together with the various other organizations on campus to coordinate cultural events like movie nights and sharing of foods and traditions. The Art Department on campus is amazing…there are so many opportunities to try your hand at different fields from ceramics to metal-smithing to art history. The teachers are from all over the world and bring a lot into each classroom. The Anthropology Department is also very helpful and although a lot smaller, their doors are always open and ready for a good conversation.”