Public service announcements

SAFE uses classic advertising and communications techniques in combination with educational and academic expertise to deliver information about our mission that is powerful and accessible, accurate and informative.

These public service announcements are available here for free download; some can be ordered as posters. Please let us know if you find these tools helpful; your feedback is greatly appreciated.


Student advertising competition
SAFE believes that preserving the past is imperative not only for the present, but for future generations to come. We believe that rallying the creativity of students is the best way to involve other students in SAFE’s projects. After all, students—the world’s future leaders—are the ultimate beneficiaries of a well-preserved global cultural heritage.

These competition winners receive international attention on CulturCooperation, the publication IKA, and


“What advertising shares with archaeology and anthropology is the study of human behavior and cultural trends—understanding the consumer, whether in the contemporary context of modern brands and consumption, or in the historical context of reconstructing and understanding ancient patterns.”

Cynthia Bates