"Who is James E. McAndrew?"

Here’s what others say

“…the top art-crime cop with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”

“…ICE Special Agent James McAndrew…headed the investigations that led to seizures from Christie’s in 2008 and 2009…”
Looting Matters

“James McAndrew’s commitment to cultural heritage protection is an example for us all. Whether he’s tracking down the Old Sumerian statue of King Entemena or sleuthing in the Ma’adi excavation storerooms, he refuses to quit until stolen artifacts have been recovered and are back where they belong.”
Professor John Russell, Massachusetts College of Art and Design

First time I knew Jim McAndrew, as a man of law enforcement in New York, but this man was a special one for me, because he was working the exact way that I was always dreaming to work with the law enforcement dealing with smuggled antiquities, he is a dedicated man committed so much for the work he does, I always feel that what he does is not just a duty, but an act of passion and love for doing the right thing to protect the cultural heritage everywhere, all that done with his wonderful personality, smiling and loving face.

Congratulation Jim you deserve such a nice recognition from SAFE, and thank you SAFE for recognizing such a wonderful man.
Donny George

“He is looking into the June 10 [2010] sale, as he would any sale, and with Christie’s co-operation. He emphasized Christie’s efforts at due diligence and compliance when offering objects for sale, and that the auctioneer doesn’t always have access to all the information available to law-enforcement agencies. Still, he added: ‘I think they could do better.’”
Wall Street Journal


Here’s what he says

“Cultural Property ‘collection’ has been around for a long time. Cultural Property ‘protection’ and the U.S. Government’s role in it are relatively new.”
James E. McAndrew, American Institute for Conservation

“Another ICE agent and I recovered approximately eighty pieces of [Chief Warrant Officer Johnson’s] Collection and provided photographs of all but two of those pieces to two independent experts. Those experts have each confirmed that a majority of the recovered pieces are from the lot of Ma’adi Antiquities stolen from the Ma’adi Museum in September 2002.”
James E. McAndrew, ABC News


Here’s what he says about international recovery efforts

“It’s getting easier from a law enforcement perspective because the countries as we see here are working very closely together. We’ve found and established ways to communicate. We understand each other’s needs better. We understand each other’s legal systems better, and as a result it empowers us to do a better job internationally. And that’s why you see the increase in seizures and arrests and recoveries.”
James E. McAndrew, New Tang Dynasty TV

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