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“The problem with defining British archaeologist Colin Renfrew is not where you start, but rather where you stop. One of the most influential archaeologists on the planet, Renfrew was an early proponent of the processual movement, investigating the distribution of Indo-European languages and culture, the indigenous development of Minoan culture, obsidian sourcing, and the application of systems theory to archaeology.”
K. Kris Hirst, About.com

“Andrew Colin Renfrew, Lord Renfrew of Kaimsthorn, is one of the most eminent personalities in the world of archaeology today. He is among the promoters of outstanding innovations in processual archaeology, author of a series of brilliant works on central themes in European and world prehistory that are marked by great interpretative acumen and have had a revolutionary impact. He has had and has, through his great intellectual depth and balanced critical vision, an almost unequalled influence in the world of Western archaeology, displaying an extraordinary capacity in organizing studies, promoting theoretical debate and raising awareness of the ethical aspects of the profession of archaeologist.”
Citation, 2004 Balzan Prize for Prehistoric Archaeology

“Prof. Renfrew is a brilliant and inspiring speaker…”
Numismatics and Archaeology

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