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Click to watch Donny George Youkhanna on why we should light a candle Click to watch Donny George Youkhanna on why we should light a candle

The tragic looting of the Iraq Museum was an unthinkable heartbreak, but also an inspiration for the creation of SAFE. Sadly, the tragedy continues with the destruction of archaeological sites, to this very day. Not only in Iraq, but around the world.

On the tenth anniversary, we invite you to share your reflections on global cultural heritage in The Donny George Candlelight Vigil for Global Heritage. Another simple way to participate is to light your own personal virtual candle below and join us on Facebook.

يُرجى الإنضمام صفحة دوني جورج والمتحف العراقي، إشعل شمعةً من أجل تراثنا

Thank you for being part of the Donny George Candlelight Vigil for Global Heritage!

197 comments on “Light a virtual candle

  1. Amanda Pavlick on wrote:

    Cincinnati, OH, USA.

  2. Senta German on wrote:

    Oxford, UK

  3. Warsaw, Poland.

    The men in these videos should be identified, hunted down and held accountable.

  4. Collins Lidédé on wrote:

    Union, NJ

  5. Rachel on wrote:

    Toronto, Canada

  6. Connecticut

  7. Hartford

  8. Alberto on wrote:


  9. Laurel Rowe on wrote:

    Ottawa, Ontario

  10. Lin Rhys on wrote:

    los angeles CA

  11. Elizabeth MarkmanElizabeth Markman on wrote:

    New York, NY

  12. London

  13. Sarah Applegate on wrote:

    Reston, VA/Greater Washington, DC

  14. Dr Arvind Kumar Dubey on wrote:

    New Delhi, India

  15. Linda Toma on wrote:

    west coast

  16. Maria on wrote:

    San Diego

  17. Nick on wrote:


  18. Heather LeeHeather Lee on wrote:

    Irvine, CA

  19. Tass on wrote:

    Berlin, Germany

  20. Noha Kotb on wrote:

    Cairo, Egypt

  21. Elizabeth MarkmanElizabeth Markman on wrote:

    Exeter, NH

  22. Ruby Maddock on wrote:


  23. Lisa Holt on wrote:

    Washington, DC

  24. Thalia Neilson on wrote:

    Dublin, Ireland

  25. saed alannabi on wrote:


  26. Xavier Romão on wrote:

    Porto, Portugal

  27. Michael ShamahMichael Shamah on wrote:

    London, UK

  28. Rome, Italy

  29. I Isaza on wrote:

    Attleboro, MA

  30. B.G. Paulus on wrote:

    Saint Louis, MO, USA

  31. Katherine V. on wrote:

    Toronto, ON

  32. Sandra RoordaSandra Roorda on wrote:

    Palo Alto, CA

  33. Alexander Zavisa von Schlauter on wrote:

    León, Spain

  34. Line Ajan on wrote:

    Paris, France

  35. Peter Herdrich on wrote:

    New York, NY

  36. Melissa HalversonMelissa Halverson on wrote:

    Chicago, IL

  37. Glenna Gray on wrote:

    Lynchburg, Virginia

  38. Greg Parr on wrote:

    Roanoke, Virginia

  39. Lesley Lababidi on wrote:

    Cairo, Egypt

  40. ALEXANDRA on wrote:


  41. Marc Balcells on wrote:

    New York

  42. Lisa Richards on wrote:

    Chicago, IL

  43. Ivana Samardzic on wrote:


  44. Patrick S on wrote:

    Washington, DC

  45. Diane Siebrandt on wrote:

    Melbourne, Australia

  46. Vidya M J on wrote:

    Shimoga, Karnataka, India

  47. Deanna BakerDeanna Baker on wrote:

    Boston, MA

  48. Clemens Reichel on wrote:

    Toronto, ON

  49. Mary Montgomery on wrote:

    Toronto, ON

  50. Susan Kennedy on wrote:

    United States

  51. maeedia maeedi on wrote:


  52. Mahdi Ali Raheem on wrote:

    Baghdad IRAQ Iraq Museum

  53. Ozlem Aslan on wrote:


  54. Emad Rammo on wrote:

    Nuenen, The Netherlands

  55. François Louis on wrote:

    New York, NY

  56. Elizabeth Simpson on wrote:

    New York, NY

  57. vicky metafora on wrote:


  58. Andre' Khuri on wrote:

    Gainesville, Florida

  59. Jutta Zerres on wrote:

    Mainz, Germany

  60. Marilys Horgue on wrote:

    Wien, Austria

  61. anoynomous on wrote:


  62. Ruth Pritchard-Kelly on wrote:

    Silver Spring, MD

  63. Oscar White Muscarella on wrote:


  64. Colin Renfrew on wrote:


  65. Jamie Lynn Bazydlo on wrote:

    Brick, New Jersey, United States of America

  66. LIsa Preville on wrote:

    Richmond, Virginia

  67. Ellen Sheffer on wrote:


  68. Patti Harman on wrote:

    Nuevo Vallarta Mexico

  69. Emma Cunliffe on wrote:

    Durham, England

  70. Archaeological Institute of America on wrote:

    Boston, MA

  71. Matthew Hu on wrote:


  72. Zac Spielvogel on wrote:

    Canberra, ACT, Australia.

  73. vanya pazand on wrote:

    San Jose CA

  74. Victoria Estrada on wrote:

    Lawrence, New York

  75. Ann Shaftel on wrote:

    Halifax, Nova Scotia

  76. CF Wong on wrote:

    New York City

  77. Donna Serbe-Davis on wrote:

    Highland Park, NJ, USA

  78. Emily Wood on wrote:

    South Hadley, MA, United States

  79. Nigel Hetherington on wrote:

    Cairo, Egypt

  80. Beatrice Kelly on wrote:


  81. Chloe Dondos on wrote:


  82. Ulrike-Christiane & Michael Mario Lintz - on wrote:


  83. Ana Senica on wrote:


  84. Sigyn Meder on wrote:

    Stockholm, Iraq Solidarity Association

  85. Ilana on wrote:


  86. anna astolfi on wrote:


  87. Bushra on wrote:


  88. Ben Furnival on wrote:


  89. Faz & Lucy Elahi on wrote:

    Los Angeles, CA

  90. Maria Rosaria Depalo on wrote:


  91. Antonio Alvarez-Correa on wrote:

    Florida USA

  92. Rick Ariki on wrote:


  93. Shang Jin on wrote:

    Beijing, China

  94. Emily Jean Leischner on wrote:

    Philadelphia, PA

  95. Yu Kai Tiao on wrote:

    Memphis, Tenn.

  96. Jeff SpurrJeff Spurr on wrote:

    Cambridge, MA

  97. Pl. Kraisky on wrote:


  98. Lucille A. Roussin on wrote:

    New York, N.Y.

  99. Mary Brooks on wrote:

    Durham, England

  100. James McAndrew on wrote:

    New York, NY

  101. Jos van Beurden on wrote:

    The Netherlands

  102. Tom Rust on wrote:

    Brooklyn, NY

  103. Lauren Ritch on wrote:

    St. Petersburg, FL

  104. Susan Whitfield-Lungren Harding on wrote:


  105. Donald H. Sanders on wrote:

    Massachusetts, USA

  106. Anita Bobo on wrote:

    Chicago USA

  107. Peter Bobo on wrote:

    Chicago , USA

  108. Neda on wrote:

    Evora, Portugal

  109. Anna Geo-Georgieva on wrote:

    Sofia, Bulgaria

  110. gini kingma on wrote:

    The Netherlands

  111. Lone Le Vay on wrote:

    Epsom, UK

  112. Diana George Youkhana on wrote:

    Sydney – Australi

  113. ferdaous on wrote:


  114. Migdalia Richardson on wrote:

    Newark, New Jersey

  115. Irene Coelho on wrote:


  116. Nick Panoutsopoulos on wrote:

    Athens, Greece

  117. Marta Ostovich on wrote:

    Boston, MA

  118. Matteo Vigo on wrote:

    Chicago, Illinois

  119. Giorgio BULGARELLI on wrote:

    ʾÄrba Mnč̣, Gamo Gofa, SNNP, Ethiopia

  120. Sharon Mikulich on wrote:

    Chicago Illinois

  121. Benedetta Bellucci on wrote:

    Chicago, Il

  122. Torild kristina Storaas on wrote:


  123. María Soledad Gil García on wrote:

    Milagros, Burgos, Spain

  124. Ana Escobedo on wrote:

    Providence, Rhode Island

  125. Víctor Manuel Díaz Díaz on wrote:

    Castropol (Asturias – España)

  126. Luis Gómez Rivas on wrote:


  127. Jaime Almansa on wrote:


  128. Enrique Macías on wrote:

    Puertollano (España)

  129. Ignacio Rodríguez Temiño on wrote:

    Carmona (Sevilla) – España

  130. Matthew Piscitelli on wrote:

    Chicago, IL

  131. Cynthia Bates on wrote:

    Chicago, IL

  132. Brenda Valdez on wrote:

    Newark NJ

  133. Emily Baca on wrote:

    Chicago, IL

  134. Petra Rudd on wrote:

    Göteborg, Sweden

  135. Diane A Rees on wrote:

    Seattle, WA

  136. Shannon Davis on wrote:

    Tampa, Florida

  137. Danielle on wrote:

    Brooklyn, New York

  138. Francis Deblauwe on wrote:

    Mission, KS — USA

  139. Al Schanowski on wrote:

    Port Washington, Wi

  140. S Pepin on wrote:


  141. Elmhurst, USA

  142. Emily Haraldson on wrote:


  143. Nathan ElkinsNathan Elkins on wrote:


  144. Dillon de Give on wrote:

    New York City

  145. Megan Narvey on wrote:


  146. Lorna Kidwell on wrote:


  147. Sara Thomas on wrote:


  148. John Zachman on wrote:

    Ridgway, Colorado, USA

  149. Almira Poudrier on wrote:

    Phoenix AZ

  150. Melanie Beuken on wrote:


  151. Mike Powers on wrote:

    Stockholm, Sweden

  152. Sydney

  153. Matt Wakeham on wrote:

    New York, NY

  154. kAMEL SAKO on wrote:


  155. Lidia on wrote:


  156. Shira B. on wrote:

    Brooklyn, New York

  157. Polly Peterson on wrote:

    California, USA

  158. Jason Stockman on wrote:

    Geneva, Switzerland

  159. Catherine on wrote:

    New Jersey

  160. Susan Patto on wrote:

    Baghdad, Iraq

  161. julie b on wrote:


  162. Joanne Khamis on wrote:

    Chicago U.S.A

  163. Zeki Odisho on wrote:

    Chicago, Illinois, USA

  164. Rachel Moland on wrote:

    Rome, Italy

  165. Shoshan Sarkis on wrote:


  166. Paul Kunkel on wrote:

    New York

  167. Kathy tubb on wrote:

    London, UK

  168. Regis on wrote:

    Antwerpen, Belgium

  169. Camille Nuckle on wrote:


  170. Mike Jacobs on wrote:


  171. Laurence Lepetit on wrote:

    Paris, France

  172. Mary on wrote:

    Chicago, IL

  173. Jacque Bird on wrote:

    Anthem, Arizona

  174. Steven George on wrote:


  175. Tanya Lervik on wrote:

    Washington, DC

  176. Amy on wrote:

    Cali, Colombia

  177. Ellyn Matta on wrote:

    Lancaster, Pennsylvania

  178. Rabbi Barnea Levi Selavan on wrote:

    Old City, Jerusalem, Israel

  179. Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World on wrote:

    Providence, RI

  180. Oya Topcuoglu on wrote:

    Chicago, IL

  181. Marina Papa-Sokal on wrote:

    London, UK

  182. Kristina Wyckoff on wrote:

    Norman, OK

  183. Rebecca Rushfield on wrote:

    Flushing, New York

  184. Liz Gilgan on wrote:

    Melrose, Ma

  185. Rick Pettigrew on wrote:

    Eugene, Oregon

  186. Clemens Reichel on wrote:


  187. Abdulamir Hamdani on wrote:

    Stony Brook – New York

  188. Paul Barford on wrote:

    Warsaw, Poland

  189. Cindy Ho on wrote:

    New York, New York

  190. Damien HufferNathan Charlton on wrote:

    Sydney, Australia

  191. Sydney, Australia

  192. Marjorie on wrote:


  193. Brooke Todsen on wrote:


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"The Iraq Museum stands as just one glaring example of the injustices we do to the archaeological past whether by purposeful acts or general ignorance of what we do to the remains of the past."

Anthropos/Classics Club, University of Cincinnati, 2008 Candlelight Vigil host