With a positive and forward-thinking approach, SAFE educates people on why preserving culture is essential, relevant, and urgent. We offer concrete ways to invest in the preservation of everyone’s past. Using classic advertising and communications techniques in combination with educational and academic expertise, SAFE also employs grassroots techniques to engage the public in active participation. Our multi-faceted programs deliver the simple, enduring message that we all share responsibility for protecting cultural heritage.

  • Without history, we're history
    We propose accurate and informative communication, using classic advertising techniques in combination with educational and academic expertise.
    • "Say YES"

      Campaigns designed to raise awareness and engage public participation to say YES to preservation and protection and NO to plunder and .

    • Global Candlelight Vigil

      SAFE hosts Global Candlelight Vigil to commemorate the looting of the Iraq Museum in an effort to shed light on the vulnerability of our shared cultural heritage.

    • "Who Is...?"

      Profiles of individuals who are making tangible contributions towards the mission of protecting and raising awareness about our shared cultural heritage.

    • Haiti: Look Back to Look Ahead

      A Flickr project to collect pictures and videos of life in Haiti before the earthquake that took place January 12, 2010.

    • Save Kashgar

      Awareness campaign in response to the demolition of Old Kashgar City in Xinjiang, China.

  • Pile of Books
    Our educational projects introduce cultural heritage as a precious and vulnerable non-renewable resource to students from primary schools to graduate schools.
    • The World's Ancient Cultures in Danger Map

      Educational tool designed to educate students of all ages about the most endangered sites and cultures around the world is a component of the Give History a Future initiative.

    • Student Competitions

      Public awareness messages are created by concerned students from around the world.

    • Student Outreach

      SAFE gives presentations in schools with students from junior high through graduate school.

  • media thumbnail
    Simple grassroots tools and open-source communication bring public awareness about complex issues.
  • downloadsthumb
    Engaging materials you can use to raise awareness about the importance of preserving our cultural heritage. Downloadable for free, and also available for purchase.
    • "LOOTED" cards

      These facsimiles of museum catalog cards raise awareness about objects that are missing from museums.

    • Postcards

      These glossy postcards—some using the work from our student competitions—help spread the message against looting.

    • Public service announcements

      We propose accurate and informative communication, using classic advertising techniques in combination with educational and academic expertise.

    • Posters

      Bold graphics and simple language bring public attention to SAFE’s mission, programs, projects, and events.

  • advocacy thumbnail
    We inform the public about the ways in which every citizen can support laws and treaties that protect our shared cultural heritage.