I am Greek and I want to go home

The Independent Movement for the Repatriation of Looted Greek Antiquities has produced a video: ‘I am Greek and I Want to go Home’

Photography, Concept and Artwork by Ares Kalogeropoulos

Original Music (“Rise”) by Ares Kalogeropoulos

It can be seen alongside this one, take a good look at this message to the British:

Help make them go viral.


2 comments on “I am Greek and I want to go home

  1. michel Van Rijn on wrote:

    well done, compliments

  2. Mary Elizabeth WilliamsMary Elizabeth Williams on wrote:

    I love the scene of the British Museum jail cell. It is very creative. Only 917 views so far though (not including myself). EVEN IF YOU DON’T AGREE, WATCH THE VIDEO!

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