2008 Byzantine Studies Conference

Friday October 17- Saturday October 18, 2008
Hyatt-Regency Hotel,
 2 Albany Street, 
New Brunswick, New Jersey
 9:00AM – 4:00PM

SAFE was invited to attend the 34th annual Byzantine Studies Conference, where visitors from all over the United States discussed current research on all aspects of Byzantine history and culture. It was SAFE’s esteemed pleasure to meet with individuals interested in sharing the knowledge of the effects of looting and the antiquities trade.

Guests to our exhibition were greeted with a warm smile and given much information about our organization, the importance of protecting the world’s cultural heritage, and what they can do to help. Visitors to our table were also informed about the 2009 SAFE Beacon Award reception, ongoing SAFE tours, and past events.

The 34th annual Byzantine Studies Conference took place at the Hyatt-Regency Hotel in downtown New Brunswick, New Jersey, and was hosted by Rutgers University and the Byzantine Studies Association of North America.Those interested in becoming SAFE members at the conference took advantage of our special BSC membership offer, and received a free SAFE T-shirt and select postcards. Our bright, red SAFE buttons were also distributed and worn with pride! We would like to thank the organizers of this conference for inviting us, and all who stopped by our table and showed support.

—Migdalia Tollens