What did the 2001 Italy-U.S. agreement call for?

• Import restrictions on certain categories of archaeological material into the U.S.

• Forfeited material to be returned to Italy

• Italy to increase internal efforts to protect its heritage, particularly from looting and smuggling.

• Italy to strengthen cooperation nations within the Mediterranean region

• Italy to encourage further interchange of archaeological materials for study and public appreciation through long-term loans, joint excavations and academic exchange programs
Italy to strengthen export controls and law enforcement efforts

• A review of the agreement’s effectiveness in consideration for extension

Here is the full text of the bilateral agreement signed on January 19, 2001.

SAFE fully supports Italy’s request for renewal because the bilateral agreement has proven effective. According to statistics from the Italian Carabinieri-Tutela Patrimonio Culturale (TPC), archaeological artifacts recovered that were taken from clandestine digs have declined 90% since the signing of the bilateral agreement.