• New Exhibition of Recovered Antiquities in Rome

    A new exhibition of recovered antiquities and works of art opened in Rome last week. Further details are available from here.

    The show includes the Sarpedon krater once owned by New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. There are also pieces returned from other North American collections.

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  • Question of ownership and legality “only part of the picture”

    In a recent interview with the international news program Worldfocus, SAFE president Cindy Ho spoke about the controversy over the Parthenon sculptures (or “Elgin marbles”). Acknowledging the fact that SAFE focuses on looting of a nature other than what has been commonly ascribed to Lord Elgin, Ho used the opportunity to reiterate that the question of ownership and legality regarding cultural heritage is “only part of the picture”.

    The question of ownership has been explored by SAFECORNER previously in the post To own or not to own: Is that the question? a distraction from the bigger issue: the discovery of our yet-unknown past through the proper excavation and protection of, ancient sites and tombs and burial grounds.

    “Objects ripped out of the ground without proper documentation leave us voids of information that can never be filled. No paperwork can ever replace this loss.” Ho said, alluding to the legal debate over Elgin’s acquisition.

    Speaking about long-term loans as a solution to home countries that are not in the position to maintain their cultural property Ho added, “But cooperation and sharing will need to depend on the quality of relationships between nations and their cultural institutions.”

    Read the entire interview here.

    Photo: Worldfocus

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