• The US signs bilateral agreement with China to protect cultural heritage

    After nearly four years and amidst much anticipation and speculation, the US has agreed to grant China’s request to implement import restrictions on antiquities into the US, as fellow state parties to the Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property (UNESCO 1970). This bilateral agreement, or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), takes effect beginning January 16, 2009, and will be considered for renewal in five years. The details of the agreement can be found here.

    SAFE applauds the US decision to uphold its commitment to safeguarding cultural heritage and continues to support the implementation of import restrictions as an effective tool to curb the devastation of the world’s shared cultural heritage.

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  • December 2008 Edition of Kunstrechtspiegel Online, Back Issues Available

    In December the fourth 2008 installment of the Kunstrechtspiegel (“Art Law Looking-Glass”), a publication of the Institut für Kunst und Recht (IFKUR – “Institute for Art and Law”), was placed online. Back issues are also freely available online.

    The Table of Contents of the latest issue includes:

    Editorial: Die Bekämpfung des illegalen Handels mit archäologischen Kulturgütern: Neue Wege auf der Internetplattform eBay (“The Abatement of the Illicit Trade with Archaeological Cultural Goods: New Ways on the Internet Platform eBay”)

    Kerstin Odendahl


    Antiken, Recht und Markt (“Antiquities, Law and Market”)

    Reinhard Dietrich


    U.S. Declaratory Judgment Actions Concerning Art Displaced During the Holocaust

    Jennifer Anglim Kreder


    Rückführung illegal verbrachter italienischer Kulturgüter nach dem Ende des 2. Weltkrieges (Emanuel C. Hofacker) (“The Repatriation of Illegaly Traded Italian Cultural Goods after the End of the Second World War”) (Emanuel C. Hofacker)

    Annette Froehlich

    Der Einfluss des Urheberrechts auf die Restaurierung von Werken der bildenden Künste (Daniel-Philipp Häret) (“The Influence of Copyright on the Restoration of Works of the Visual Arts”) (Daniel-Philipp Häret)

    Erik Jayme

    Die Nadel und der Heuhaufen – ein Einblick in den Bereich der Provenienzforschung (“The Needle and the Haystack – a Look in the Area of Provenance Research”)

    Jörg Wünschel

    Kunstsammlungen im Zugriff von Fiskus und Erben: Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Carl-Heinz Heuer in Heidelberg (“Art Collections in the Access of Finances and Inhertance: Lecture of Prof. Dr. Carl-Heinz Heuer in Heidelberg”)

    Nicolai Kemle

    Handbuch Kunst und Recht (Thomas Hoeren et al.) (“Handbook of Art and Law”) (Thomas Hoeren et al.)

    Nicolai Kemle

    IFKUR – News 4. Quartal 2008 (“IFKUR – 4th Quarter 2008 News”)


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  • New Reviews of Books on Cultural Property

    On-line reviews for the American Journal of Archaeology 113.1 (2009) are now available. These include four books relating to cultural property:

    • Art as Plunder: The Ancient Origins of Debate about Cultural Property. By Margaret M. Miles. Reviewed by Molly Swetnam-Burland.
    • Who Owns Antiquity? Museums and the Battle Over Our Ancient Heritage. By James Cuno. Reviewed by David W.J. Gill.
    • The Acquisition and Exhibition of Classical Antiquities: Professional, Legal, and Ethical Perspectives (A Symposium Held at the Snite Museum of Art, University of Notre Dame, February 24, 2007). By Robin F. Rhodes. Reviewed by Neil Brodie.
    • The Return of Cultural Treasures. By Jeanette Greenfield. Reviewed by Julie Hollowell.
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  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art releases "Collection Management Policy"

    SAFE is pleased to confirm a June 17 report CultureGrrl blog post that “the Met will indeed adhere to AAMD’s new, stricter standard.”

    In an email sent to Prof. Colin Renfrew and SAFE president Cindy Ho on January 2, the Met’s Elyse Topalian, Vice President for Communications said:

    “I understand from an internet advertisement that you intend to deliver the SAFE Beacon award lecture, entitled “Combating the Illicit Antiquities Trade: the 197O Rule as a Turning Point (or How the Metropolitan Museum lags behind the Getty)” and that you “ask how long the Trustees of the Metropolitan Museum can maintain the policies that led them to acquire the notorious ‘Euphronios ...

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